Denver Federal Center Project Now Producing Power


The General Services Administration at the Denver Federal Center is now producing 3.2 MW of solar energy, according to general contractors E Light Wind and Solar Inc. and Centerre. The joint venture recently made the final connections from the 14,612 roof-mounted solar panels to the existing electrical system.

Phase I of the solar PV upgrades at the federal center included roof replacement and the design and installation of a 3.2 MW solar PV system. Roof-mounted solar panels were installed on Buildings 20, 56 and 810 on campus.

The joint venture is also contracted for Phase II of the solar PV upgrades on the campus. This phase includes the design and installation of a 3.45 PV system. The installation includes two fixed-position field arrays that total 2.39 MW and ten carport structures with solar panels on top for 1.06 MW. Phase II is currently in design and scheduled for completion in August 2011.

SOURCES: E Light Wind and Solar Inc., Centerre Government Contracting

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