Department Of Energy Loan Programs Director Jonathan Silver Resigns


Jonathan Silver, the head of the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Loan Programs Office, has stepped down from his position. The announcement comes one week after the Sept. 30 deadline for loan guarantees issued through special American Recovery and Reinvestment Act provisions.

As of press time, the DOE has not posted an official announcement, but a statement from DOE Secretary Steven Chu, quoted by the New York Times, praises Silver's service and notes the acceptance of his resignation.

‘Because of my absolute confidence in Jonathan and the outstanding work he has done, I would welcome his continued service at the department, but I completely understand the decision he has made,’ Chu said.

Although some reports have tied Silver's resignation to the ongoing Solyndra scandal, the DOE stated that Silver indicated in July that he would leave his post shortly after the Sept. 30 loan-guarantee deadline, according to The New York Times and other sources.

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