Despatch Industries Develops The DCF1000


Minneapolis-based Despatch Industries has announced its latest development in solar cell manufacturing equipment – the DCF1000. The DCF1000 is an R&D, lab-scale version of the Integrated, In-line Diffusion System. The first unit has been sold to a premiere European solar cell manufacturer and is scheduled for installation later this year.

"This unit was developed in response to our customers' need for a research tool that has the capability to emulate production conditions in their own facility," says Brian Bunkenburg, director of custom products and new product development." The new furnace also provides our customers with a product that serves as a precursor to purchasing a full-scale DCF production unit."

The DCF 1000 allows customers to continuously improve their manufacturing performance results through offline research and experimentation, the company says. This offline capability maximizes the manufacturing yield while minimizing risks.

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