Despatch Industries Introduces VOC Thermal Oxidizer


Despatch Industries has launched the VOC Thermal Oxidizer. This tool is designed to destroy over 99% of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from gases exhausted during the drying of photovoltaic metallization pastes in solar cell manufacturing.

Despatch adds that it has already sold 10 units to a leading European solar cell manufacturer.

The Oxidizer was developed as a direct replacement for current remote abatement and VOC condenser options. The unit mounts directly to the furnace to eliminate any risk of solvent condensation. Oxidizers are located at the entrance and exit of the dryer section to achieve more effective abatement with faster belt speeds, the company says.

This solution also meets legal and environmental requirements regarding the capture and destruction of organic materials. The VOC Thermal Oxidizer is available on new firing furnaces and on existing Despatch firing furnaces via field retrofit.Â

Despatch: (952) 469-5424

SOURCE: Despatch

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