Despatch Industries Receives $5 Million Photovoltaic Equipment Order


Despatch Industries, a process technology provider for the solar industry, says it has completed a large-volume sale of photovoltaic manufacturing equipment. The sale, to a European customer, includes multiple units of Despatch's newest-generation, multi-lane firing furnaces.

‘Our customer is a recognized leader in the crystalline solar industry, and this is a great opportunity for Despatch to expand our presence amongst European solar cell manufacturers,’ says Steve Oman, Despatch's director of global sales. ‘As we continue to grow and expand our global reach, we are further equipped to offer our worldwide customers the local technical and process support that are so critical to their success.’

The new multi-lane firing furnace is an important addition to Despatch's photovoltaic in-line product portfolio and fits well with the industry's commitment to in-line processing results, according to Despatch. The CDF-9024 drying-firing model features a wider belt to accommodate multiple lanes of cell processing, producing over 2,400 cells per hour.

SOURCE: Despatch

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