Despatch Introduces In-Line Tool For Solar Cell Production


Despatch Industries, a process technology provider for the solar industry, has released its latest innovation for solar cell producers: the In-Line Rapid Thermal Shock (IL-RTS) tool.

The IL-RTS design is based on Despatch's Rapid Thermal Shock product line, which is primarily used for testing the effects of thermal strain on electronic components. The new in-line version has taken the same technology and created a tool that is suitable for applying a low-temperature thermal profile to solar cells.

Despatch says the IL-RTS is compatible with any firing furnace without the need for additional automation equipment. After moving through the firing furnace, cells enter the IL-RTS and are rapidly cooled to stabilize thermal stresses. Following cooling, cells are warmed in a controlled environment to prevent condensation. The tool's exit table accepts cell tester automation equipment to give manufacturers a seamless, in-line process.

Despatch: (888) 337-7282

SOURCE: Despatch

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