Despatch Receives Patent For Infrared Firing Furnace


Despatch Industries, a process technology provider for the solar industry, has received a patent for its infrared firing furnace. The patent protects the design of Despatch's furnace, including the first-of-its-kind push-button, drop-down chamber that allows the bottom portion of the heat transfer zone to be lowered, allowing internal access for easy cleaning and maintenance, the company says.

The furnace also features a radiant cooling zone that uses water as the cooling medium. Despatch says it designed this furnace to achieve high throughput, consistent process repeatability and maximum up-time, resulting in consistently high yields, superior product quality and reduced cost of ownership.  Â

Worldwide, Despatch has shipped over 8 GW of firing furnace production capacity to the solar industry. The company holds over 30 domestic and international patents.

SOURCE: Despatch

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