Despatch Releases Dual-Lane UltraFlex Firing Furnace


Minneapolis-based technology provider Despatch Industries has introduced a new unit in its UltraFlex product portfolio, the dual-lane UltraFlex firing furnace and dryer. The company says it has sold its first dual-lane unit to a Europe-based solar cell manufacturer.

The dual-lane UltraFlex increases processing capacity to 2,400 wafers per hour to 4,000 wafers per hour. The company also redesigned the airflow system for increased efficiency and developed new, custom lamps that enable maximum absorption of energy into each cell. The UltraFlex configuration incorporates a four-meter drying section to provide optimal drying at faster belt speeds.

A new, patent-pending volatile organic compound (VOC) thermal oxidizer is integrated into the dryer and provides virtually maintenance-free elimination of VOCs at point-of-generation, Despatch notes.

Despatch Industries: (888) 337-7282

SOURCE: Despatch Industries

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