Despatch Releases UltraFlex Dryer And Firing Furnace


Despatch Industries, a process technology provider for the solar industry, has introduced the UltraFlex dryer and firing furnace with Microzone technology. The company has sold its first UltraFlex unit to research and development institute SERIS.

In the new UltraFlex, Despatch redesigned the airflow system for increased efficiency. The company says it also developed new, custom lamps that operate at optimal levels for extended life and enable maximum absorption of energy into each cell.

According to the company, Microzone Technology provides profile flexibility, independent of belt speed. Microzone lamps are configured to create the sharp divisions and tight control necessary to adapt to the industry's ever-changing pastes and cell architectures.

The UltraFlex incorporates the company's patented, push-button chamber design, and now features a smooth, easily cleanable interior to minimize maintenance time, Despatch adds. The UltraFlex can also achieve rapid thermal ramping and cooling rates of up to 200 degrees C per second to create precise profiles and intervals above critical temperature thresholds.

Despatch Industries: (888) 337-7282

SOURCE: Despatch Industries

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