Despatch Upgrades Firing Furnace


Despatch Industries, a process technology provider for the solar industry, says it has upgraded its firing furnace for better performance. The upgrade package will be included on all newly manufactured firing furnaces and is available as a field retrofit for existing firing furnaces.

A feature element of the package is the Thermal Response Improvement upgrade – the result of a temperature-control algorithm that allows the furnace to adjust for inconsistent wafer flow into the process chamber. This element offers over 50% improvement in thermal stability for varying loads, resulting in an overall increase in cell efficiencies, according to Despatch.

The upgrade package also includes Soft Start, which allows for an intelligent, controlled start-up for optimized heat transfer and a reduced connected load of less than 100 amps to significantly reduce peak power costs, Despatch says. Soft Start also enables the connection of Despatch's new VOC Thermal Oxidizer without a separate power drop.

Despatch Industries: (952) 469-5424

SOURCE: Despatch Industries

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