Detroit Edison Introduces SolarCurrents Pilot Program


Detroit Edison has unveiled SolarCurrents, a new program that is designed to make installing a solar energy system 50% more affordable for homes and businesses.

‘SolarCurrents provides a significant financial incentive for Detroit Edison customers interested in installing a solar energy system on their home or business,’ explains Trevor F. Lauer, vice president of retail marketing for DTE Energy, parent company of Detroit Edison. ‘Customers will receive a payment when the system is installed, and then will receive monthly payments over the next 20 years for the renewable energy credits associated with their solar system.’

Detroit Edison says it also plans to introduce a second phase of the SolarCurrents programs in which the company will place large-scale solar energy panels it owns on customer rooftops or property. In return, Detroit Edison will pay long-term leasing or rental fees to the property owners. Further details on the next phase of the SolarCurrents program are expected in the coming months.

SOURCE: Detroit Edison

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