Developer Plans Gas and PV Generating Project For New Mexico


Colorado-based developer Western Energy Partners LLC says it plans to develop, permit, construct and operate a 750 MW electricity generation project involving natural gas-fired and solar photovoltaic components near Waterflow, N.M.

The Clean Path Energy Center LLC project is intended to take over for the announced retirement of coal-fueled power plants located in the region. The new generation project will consist of a 680 MW natural gas combined-cycle power plant co-located with a 70 MW PV facility.

The combined cycle plant will be capable of providing baseload generation, while the PV power block will be able to provide additional peaking generation capacity during times of higher system loads. Completion of the project is expected in mid-2019.

‘The Clean Path Energy Center is ideally positioned to meet the future electrical needs of consumers in a highly economic and sustainable manner for many years to come,’ says Curt Hildebrand, president of Western Energy Partners.

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