Diamond Wire Technology Introduces Slim Rod Cutting System


Diamond Wire Technology has introduced its Slim Rod Cutting System, which makes it possible to cut filaments in a single pass. With two independent cutting yokes and a patented tangential cutting system, The SR200 saw yields faster cuts and improved cutting performance.

The SR200 filament saw cuts filaments up to 150 mm in diameter and 3200 mm long into 7 mm x 7 mm rods in one cycle. With this saw, customers are able to produce 50% to 80% more rods – more than 360 filaments per day on 120 mm rods – than with a blade process. Cutting in one cycle maximizes production ten-fold, with less kerf and a precision process, the company says.

The SR200 saw also offers ease of use for any operator, with state-of-the-art electronics and a Windows-based operator interface. ‘Smart’ servo motors offer precise wire control, and an optional ethernet interface gives the user the ability to remotely program and monitor status.
Diamond Wire Technology: (719) 570-1150

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