Diaspark Forms Alliance With NJR Clean Energy Ventures


Diaspark Energy, a provider of PV enterprise software, and NJR Clean Energy Ventures (NJRCEV), a subsidiary of New Jersey Resources, have created a strategic alliance for software development for clean energy systems such as solar.

Utilizing the advanced enterprise software Diaspark Energy engineered specifically for NJRCEV's commercial and residential solar installations, the two businesses say they have joined together to collaborate on new service and analytical models that enable data to be consolidated from multiple service providers into a single system and integrated into a suite of Web-based software solutions.

‘We believe the future of system monitoring and control is to use enterprise-grade software that can easily be scaled as our business grows," says NJRCEV Vice President Richard Gardner." Diaspark brings a consultative approach and has worked with our team to develop a system that allows us to take advantage of consolidating the monitoring and analysis in a single system."

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