Dinuba, Chevron, Tioga Complete 1.15 MW PV Plant


The City of Dinuba, Calif., Chevron Energy Solutions and Tioga Energy have inaugurated a 1.15 MW solar electric system that is expected to reduce energy costs for operations at the city's largest energy consumer: its wastewater treatment plant.

The ground-mounted racking system of 4,704 photovoltaic modules sits atop a capped landfill near the plant on hundreds of large concrete slabs, each weighing more than 3,000 pounds. The project is expected to cut the City of Dinuba's electrical utility usage at the site by 70%, according to the companies.

Chevron Energy Solutions designed and engineered the project, and provided construction services for installation. Tioga Energy financed, managed and owns the project through its SurePath solar power purchase agreement, selling the generated electricity back to the city over a period of 20 years.

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