Diodes Inc. Brings New Family Of Bypass Diodes To Market


Diodes Inc., a manufacturer and supplier of products within the broad discrete and analog semiconductor markets, has introduced a new family of SBR bypass diodes in its PowerDI5 package that is specifically oriented to solar panel arrays.

The company says the new SBR diodes are the industry's first bypass diodes specifically designed in accordance with the high temperature requirements of the IEC 61730-2 solar panel safety standard. With a low-profile height of 1.1 mm, SBR10U45SP5 and SBR1045SP5 can be integrated into the array panel, eliminating the need for an external bypass diode junction box, and offer ultra low forward voltage drop with a selectively rated 200 degrees C maximum junction temperature for improved efficiency and higher reliability.

‘The new SBR bypass diodes provide a unique product family for the solar panel industry, offering a combination of high temperature operation and high efficiency,’ comments Mark King, senior vice president, sales and marketing, at Diodes Inc.

With a small footprint of 23.8 square mm, the SBR bypass diodes in the PowerDI5 package offer an 87% reduction in PCB area compared to commonly used surface-mount packages, the company says. In addition, Diodes is also releasing an SBR bypass diode, part number SBR10U45SD1, in a traditional axial DO-201 package. Like the PowerDI5 bypass diodes, the SBR bypass diode has a continuous forward current rating of 10 A, with an ultra-low forward voltage drop and a selectively rated 200 degree C maximum junction temperature.

Diodes Inc.: (805) 446-4800

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