Diodes Inc. Introduces New PV Module Bypass Diode


Diodes Inc. has developed the 12 A-rated SBR12U45LH Super Barrier Rectifier (SBR). Provided in the ultra-low profile PowerDI-5SP package, the SBR12U45LH SBR is designed to address key design and manufacturing concerns of solar module manufacturers, the company says.

In its role as a PV module bypass diode, this latest SBR has a maximum package height of 0.75 mm, enabling it to be integrated within the solar panel, effectively removing the need for separate junction boxes.

With package-side located leads, the PowerDI-5SP can be mounted into recesses in the back layers, adding only 0.21 mm to total solar panel depth, according to the company. In addition, the 9 mm long leads of the package support simple solder-bar mounting, allowing manufacturers to avoid the use of expensive solder processes.

As an alternative to traditional axial lead diodes, the SBR12U45LH offers the industry's lowest forward voltage drop for a rectifier at 0.38V at 12 A and +125 degrees C, ensuring negligible heat generation and temperature rise during operation, the company adds.

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