Direct Grid Rolls Out New Solar Micro-Inverter Products


Direct Grid Technologies LLC has unveiled two new solar micro-inverter products for residential and commercial photovoltaic applications.

The OEM 200 and 300 DGA Series consist of a stand-alone unit that inverts PV DC voltage to AC, enabling a maximum of 240 W to 360 W power generation for direct grid-tied applications. Additional features include self-tuning maximum power point tracking, auto-frequency detect and sync, and anti-islanding safeguards in the event of power outages or emergencies.

The SMART 200 and 300 DGA Series incorporate additional Echelon communication functionality to enable theft deterrence and remote PV monitoring via a separate access node gateway module and Web-based user interface.

Direct Grid will manufacture both the OEM and SMART series from its new Edgewood, N.Y. headquarters. The company anticipates first product shipments to occur in the fourth quarter of this year.

Direct Grid: (631) 242-1900

SOURCE: Direct Grid

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