DOE Selects Solar Tech From EPIR And Sunovia


Sunovia Energy Technologies Inc. and EPIR Technologies Inc., which are partnering on cadmium telluride on silicon (CdTe/Si) solar technology, have been selected for award negotiation for the Solar America Initiative (SAI) Photovoltaic Technology Pre-Incubator award.

The SAI is the major U.S. program for the development and commercialization of solar energy. The primary SAI program goal is the development and commercialization of solar energy technologies to produce electricity at costs competitive with those of electricity generated from fossil and nuclear fuels.

Sunovia and EPIR expect to achieve grid parity by commercializing ultra-high-efficiency, multi-junction, CdTe-based concentrator solar cells at a small fraction of the cost of the III-V multi-junction solar cells now used in concentrating photovoltaic applications.

SOURCE: Sunovia Energy Technologies Inc.

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