Dominion Green Power Program Reaches 20,000 Customers


Five years into the program, more than 20,000 Dominion Virginia Power customers now are signed up for the Dominion Green Power program, the utility says.

Dominion says participants have supported more than 650 GWh of renewable energy since 2009. Participation in the program has grown substantially after hitting the 15,000 participation mark last year at this point, representing a growth of 33% in one year.

The top five cities with the strongest customer participation are Richmond, Alexandria, Arlington, Virginia Beach and Charlottesville.

The Dominion Green Power Program offers customers the option to match their home electricity use with renewable energy by either usage or in fixed monthly amounts. The fixed option starts at $2 and can be increased in $2 increments. Each $2 block supports 154 kWh of power from renewable sources, such as solar. The option based on usage adds $0.013 per kWh, with a typical household using 1,000 kWh paying an additional $13 per month on their bill.

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