doppelintegral Introduces New Solar Simulation Software


Stuttgart, Germany-based software developer doppelintegral GmbH has launched the new version 8.0.1 of its Integrated Simulation Environment Language (INSEL) software.

The software is designed for professionals and end customers to understand, plan, monitor and visualize renewable energy systems, the company says. INSEL provides a meteorological database of 2,000 international locations, as well as simulation parameters of all solar modules, inverters and thermal collectors that are available worldwide.

The new version includes measurement data of thin-film solar cells, in addition to data for crystalline solar modules. As the shape of the IV curves of thin-film cells has a stronger irradiance dependence than crystalline cells, the curves require more parameters for the simulation process, the company says.

‘With our newly developed analytical model, we have managed to reduce the failure rate of simulating thin film modules to about zero percent,’ notes Jürgen Schumacher, founder and managing director of doppelintegral.

SOURCE: doppelintegral

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