Dow Corning Expands Solar Product Line


Dow Corning's Solar Solutions Group, based in Midland, Mich., has extended its product offerings with an encapsulant and two potting agents that have been tested and qualified for solar applications.

Dow Corning's PV 6010 Cell Encapsulant is designed to form a clear, durable protective laminate layer over the surface of photovoltaic (PV) solar energy cells. It is also designed to provide electrical, high-temperature and ultraviolet stability with no discoloration.

Dow Corning's PV 7010 and PV 7020 Potting Agents are designed to insulate PV cells' electrical junction boxes, providing electrical insulation and long-lasting protection from moisture, extreme weather (-40 degrees C to 150 degrees C) and other environmental conditions.

‘We're taking the guesswork out of figuring out which of the hundreds of available coatings, encapsulants, potting agents, sealants, adhesives and other related products work best for demanding solar energy applications,’ says Donald L. Buchalski, senior marketing specialist for PV module assembly and integration.

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