Dow Corning Introduces Neutral PV Module Sealant


Dow Corning has debuted the PV-8007 neutral sealant, which is designed to provide bond strength immediately after application. The material is strong enough to hold a standard lightweight junction box in place with no tape or other additional assembly aids, according to the company.

The silicone adhesive/sealant is intended to be an alternative to traditional adhesive tapes and one-part RTV products in sealing, framing and protecting PV module components, as well as for bonding and protecting junction boxes. It can be used in dispensing equipment to optimize the application process and minimize squeeze-out, which ideally eliminates or reduces rework and cleaning, the company adds. The product is also suitable for large-scale, fully automated production equipment.

PV-8007 also improves PV module performance by providing long-term sealing and protection against moisture, environmental degradation, mechanical and thermal shock, and vibration, according to Dow Corning.

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