Dow Electronic Materials Unveils Enlight PV Manufacturing Product Line


Dow Electronic Materials will introduce its new line of Enlight products for photovoltaic manufacturers at this year's 24th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition in Hamburg, Germany.

Enlight SilverPlate 620 for PV metallization is based on Light Induced Plating (LIP) technology. LIP technology can increase cell efficiencies by more than 0.3% compared to standard paste processes, and has many advantages when used in nickel/silver or nickel/copper/silver cell metallization compared to conventional silver plating systems, according to the company.

Enlight JetResist 1320 for PV imaging is a hot-melt ink that is compatible with most drop-on-demand inkjet systems. Dow Electronic Materials says the product has superior adhesion and conformance to a wide range of dielectric surfaces and is compatible with combined etch and plating processes.

Enlight 120 for PV texturizing is a new monocrystalline texturizer that will eliminate the use of isopropanol, which can pose significant safety and environmental challenges during manufacturing of solar cells. According to the company, process time can be reduced by up to a factor of three, with excellent control to achieve good uniformity.

Finally, Enlight Wafer Clean 340 Series for PV cleaning has been specially designed to eliminate black and white spots, clean metal contaminants and remove fingerprints. The product is environmentally friendly, Dow Electronic Materials adds.

Dow Electronic Materials: (508) 481-7950

SOURCE: Dow Electronic Materials

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