DPW Solar Introduces Multiple-Pole Mount


DPW Solar, a wholly owned subsidiary of Preformed Line Products Co. and PLP Solar, has released the Multi-Pole Mount (MPM) system, a multiple-pole ground-mount system for installing commercial and residential PV solar electric systems.

The MPM system is a pipe structure designed to mount on a single row of 3-inch or 4-inch SCH 40/80 galvanized steel pipes, DPW Solar says. The design offers unlimited horizontal expansion and supports up to four PV solar modules in a column formation with landscape orientation.

The MPM incorporates heavy-duty stainless-steel hardware and high-strength welded steel fittings, and is engineered to specific site requirements.

Fewer penetrations are required than with traditional ground mounts by utilizing a single row of pipes, thus requiring less excavation, materials and labor, the company adds. The MPM also offers seasonal elevation adjustments and provides significant ground clearance, creating a suitable structure for carport and shade applications.

Under-flange module clamps and factory-located, module-specific holes combine to reduce the final installed cost and improve overall aesthetics.

DPW Solar: (800) 260-3792


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