Dr. Schenk Develops I-V Curve Tracer


Dr. Schenk plans to launch a new product, the I-V Curve Tracer, at the upcoming 24th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, which will be held Sept. 21-24 in Hamburg, Germany.

The I-V Curve Tracer from the SolarMeasure family enables correlation of optical inspection and efficiency tests, according to Dr. Schenk.

Indirect metrology tests, such as measuring pinhole density or layer thickness, or haze monitoring, enable the manufacturer to evaluate the module quality and give an early warning as soon as a process step no longer meets the preset tolerances. These indirect measurements alone, however, cannot make a prediction about the final electrical efficiency of the solar panel, the company explains.

The I-V Curve Tracer is designed to complement flashers, while enabling early feedback on module efficiency. The product is used before the lamination step and enables a manufacturer to sort out faulty products before the module is sent to cost-intensive back-end manufacturing steps. The I-V Curve Tracer measures space-, wavelength- and irradiance-resolved and can identify the exact position or cell of an irregularity.

Dr. Schenk: 49 89856950

SOURCE: Dr. Schenk

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