Dr. Schenk Installs In-Line Metrology Solutions In Signet Solar Line


Metrology solutions from Munich, Germany-based Dr. Schenk GmbH will be integrated into the Applied SunFab thin-film line for PV modules produced by Signet Solar.

According to the companies, with the start of mass production, Germany-based Signet Solar will be the world's first manufacturer of thin-film solar modules to use Schenk's quality-control and process-control systems in a SunFab line.

‘The mass production identifies problems that can only be overcome by integrating additional inline metrology,’ says Gunter Ziegenbalg, managing director of Signet Solar. ‘We do not want to run the line in blind flight. Therefore, we decided to monitor the process to further improve it and to control the quality of our modules with the solutions of the market leader, Dr. Schenk.’

SOURCES: Dr. Schenk, Signet Solar

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