Draker Adds Integrated California ISO-Validated Equipment


Draker, a provider of monitoring, management and control products for commercial and utility-scale PV systems, has expanded its solar PV site monitoring and SCADA control solutions to include an integrated California Independent System Operator (CAISO)-validated remote intelligent gateway (RIG) and CAISO-compliant weather stations.

According to the company, these expanded Draker solutions have been certified to meet or exceed CAISO requirements for meteorological data accuracy, data processing, data communications and network security.

Draker's RIG and weather stations can be deployed at solar PV sites as part of an overall Draker panel to grid performance management solution, eliminating the need for a separate hardware and software system to meet CAISO Eligible Intermittent Resource Protocol (EIRP) requirements, the company explains.

Draker has also been placed on CAISO's official list of RIG Third Party Engineering Firms. This listing indicates that Draker is fully qualified to provide the design, integration and commissioning services required to bring its RIG online and comply with CAISO EIRP communications requirements.

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