Draker Labs Unveils Sentalis 200PV Monitoring System


Draker Labs, a Burlington, Vt.-based provider of solar monitoring solutions for commercial-scale photovoltaic projects, has released the Sentalis 200PV monitoring system.

The Sentalis 200PV is a cost-effective solution for PV systems with an energy capacity of 50 kWh to 250 kWh, the company says. The turnkey system includes all monitoring hardware and a Web interface for data management and reporting. In addition, Draker provides on-site support to assist in installing and commissioning the Sentalis 200PV monitoring system.

Like the Sentalis 1000PV system, which is engineered for large commercial and utility-scale projects, the new Sentalis 200PV base station includes a highly accurate and ruggedized data logger from Campbell Scientific, Draker Labs notes. To prevent data loss in the event of a power outage, each base station includes a backup battery power supply as well as on-site, redundant data storage. The base station also includes a dedicated power supply and a simplified wiring panel to facilitate quick and safe installation.

Data are transmitted from the base station directly to Draker's secure, off-site data servers for processing. To ensure that energy production is at peak efficiency, owners and operators access performance data from the Sentalis Web interface, which quickly displays a variety of historical and real-time performance metrics, including actual versus expected energy production.

Draker Labs: (802) 865-3866

SOURCE: Draker Labs

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