Duke Energy Increases Renewables Target By 33%


In an effort to accelerate its renewable energy growth, Duke Energy has raised its 2020 renewable energy goal by 33%, as the company now expects to own or purchase 8 GW of wind, solar and biomass capacity by 2020. According to Duke Energy, the company’s old goal of 6 GW was established in 2013.

“Duke Energy is accelerating the pace of our renewable energy program, allowing us to increase our goal for wind, solar and biomass on our system,” says Cari Boyce, vice president of policy, sustainability and stakeholder strategy. “Renewable energy will continue to be a growing part of our generation mix in the future.”

As of the end of 2015, the company owned or purchased nearly 4.4 GW of wind, solar and biomass: 49% wind, 39% solar and 12% biomass. Overall, Duke Energy operates more than 52 GW of generating capacity in the U.S.

The goal is explained in the company’s 10th edition of it Sustainability Report, which also tracks Duke Energy’s progress on other sustainability goals and programs. To read the highlights of the report, click here.

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