Dunkermotor Debuts New Gear Motors For CSP Trackers


Dunkermotor has introduced the new Bifurcated Wormetary gear motors, which are intended for use in concentrating solar power (CSP) tracker applications.

Dunkermotor, which is now part of Ametek Precision Motion Control, says it has further refined its unique Wormetary gearing to provide dual high-torque outputs from a single, efficient gear motor. The motor itself is a long-life brush motor design with 60 V input and rated for 28.5 N-cm (40.4 oz-in) continuous torque.

It features IP65 environmental protection, along with a unique condensation prevention membrane to prolong life, the company notes. The gearing combines a right-angle worm gear to turn the corner with a pair of planetary gearboxes for a total reduction ratio of 529:1. Overall reductions up to 50,000:1 can be achieved with the Wormetary configuration.

For CSP applications, the Wormetary gearing is non-back-drivable, which is a benefit in the presence of wind loading, Dunkermotor adds.

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