Dunkermotor Introduces Brushless Solar Tracker Motors


Elgin, Ill.-headquartered Dunkermotor has launched a new line of brushless DC solar tracker motors with integral fieldbus-enabled controllers. According to the company, the motors are optimized to reduce development time, lower installation costs and provide a lower total cost of ownership than other motors in a variety of solar tracking applications.

The new Dunkermotor line is designed to enable the control of up to 127 motors over a 5,000-meter bus length utilizing the motors' integral CANopen interface with a single economic, off-the-shelf programmable logic controller featuring a solar tracking function block.

The low-voltage motors are available in three frame sizes, with powers up to 530 W (0.7 hp), and can be easily integrated with existing design slew drives, pan-and-tilt mechanisms and linear actuators used in solar applications, the company adds. Where additional gear reduction is required, the motors can be mated to Dunkermotor's own modular planetary or worm reducers, offering up to 678 Nm peak torques.

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