DUNMORE Backsheet Technology Aids In Identifying Counterfeit Solar Modules


DUNMORE Corp., a supplier of engineered coated and laminated films, has introduced the DUN-SOLAR ID, a new technology that assigns a proprietary ‘DNA’ identity to PV modules through their backsheets. According to the company, the technology is designed to help distinguish between original products and imitations.

The DUN-SOLAR ID technology tests a module for originality based on identity features embedded in the module's backsheet. End users, traders, customs or manufacturers can check the authenticity of a module in a few seconds via a reading device. The reader detects the identity features in the backsheet and displays whether they match or not.

Counterfeit products are uncertified and, therefore, can lead to greater risk, DUNMORE notes. For instance, with system voltages as high as 1,000 VCD, too little insulation can cause user injuries or cause the photovoltaics system to self-ignite.

The DUN-SOLAR ID technology is independent of the selection of raw material and has passed standard backsheet testing procedures such as partial discharge, damp heat, humidity frost and UV, the company adds.

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