Dunmore Introduces Dun-Solar 1700 TAPE


Dunmore Corp. has released Dun-Solar 1700 TAPE, a new thin-film photovoltaic barrier product for thin-film PV cell replacement. The backsheet is composed of Tedlar, aluminum, polyester and polyethylene (TAPE) in a four-layer construction.

The product is currently in full production and available for use in thin-film photovoltaic solar cell manufacturing, the company says.

‘Dun-Solar 1700 TAPE is our new thin-film photovoltaic backsheet product that effectively creates a high vapor barrier measuring at less than 0.5 mg/square meters per day to protect the thin-film technology while remaining economically viable and, at the same time, bonding to a new breed of low-moisture vapor transmission rate encapsulants like the DNP thermoplastic to, in a sense, hermetically seal in the cells,’ states Robin Kobren, photovoltaic team leader at Dunmore.

Dunmore Corp.: (215) 781-8895

SOURCE: Dunmore Corp.

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