DuPont Debuts New Materials For Solar Applications


DuPont Performance Polymers has augmented its portfolio of thermoplastic materials by introducing two specific grades of DuPont Rynite polyethylene terephtalate (PET) for solar applications. UV-resistant DuPont Rynite PET resins are designed for cost-effective manufacturing of photovoltaic module frames and components, the company says.

Rynite 935SUV is a 35% glass-fiber/mineral-reinforced, UV-stabilized grade of PET suitable for injection molding; Rynite 540SUV is a 40% glass-fiber-reinforced, UV-stabilized grade of PET suitable for extrusion and injection molding. Both grades combine high stiffness with low warpage and have been specifically developed for long-term outdoor applications.

When used in photovoltaic applications, DuPont's polymers can help increase design flexibility for greater ease of assembly and installation, as well as provide an opportunity for functional integration (thereby reducing the overall number of components), according to the company.

SOURCE: DuPont Performance Polymers

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