DuPont Develops New Paste For Front-Side Solar PV Cell Metallization


DuPont Microcircuit Materials has introduced Solamet PV159 thick-film metallization paste for front-side photovoltaic solar cell metallization.

The company says customers who have sampled Solamet PV159 have seen up to a 0.5% efficiency improvement on wafers with shallower emitters compared to standard wafers, with substantial improvements also shown on many other wafer/emitter types.

Solamet PV159 also has a more favorable environmental profile, as it is made without cadmium as an ingredient. Because of these and other advantages, the newly developed chemistry in Solamet PV159 is being used as the basis for a range of materials characterized by varying degrees of chemical reactivity, enabling solar cell manufacturers to more exactly match the material to their specific process conditions.

DuPont notes that Solamet PV159 is compatible with its most recently released silver tabbing material, Solamet PV505.

DuPont: (800) 284-3382


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