DuPont Doubling Manufacturing Capacity Of Solamet Pastes


DuPont has announced that it is expanding production of its Solamet thick-film metallization pastes at its Electronic Materials DuPont Dongguan Ltd. facility in China.

The company says it will more than double manufacturing capacity of Solamet pastes as part of its overall strategy to more than triple its sales to the photovoltaic industry. DuPont expects that its sales into photovoltaics within the next five years will be over $1 billion – up from about $300 million today.

‘We are expanding Solamet production to support increased demand,’ says Timothy P. McCann, vice president and general manager of DuPont Electronic Technologies. ‘Through future development, we will accelerate our ability to deliver innovations that will further drive down PV system costs and improve the lifetime and performance of solar modules.’


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