DuPont Files Suit Against Heraeus Alleging PV Paste Patent Infringement


DuPont has filed a lawsuit against Heraeus Holding GmbH and Heraeus Materials Technology LLC for allegedly infringing a DuPont patent related to its front-side metallization paste materials used in solar cell technology.

According to DuPont, Heraeus has infringed DuPont US Patent No. 7,767,254 B2 by manufacturing solar cells itself and inducing its customers to manufacture solar cells, using Heraeus H94XX series and H92XX series front-side silver pastes.

Heraeus maintains that it has not infringed DuPont's patents.

‘Heraeus will vigorously defend its rights against this claim of patent infringement,’ says Andy London, global manager for the photovoltaic business unit. ‘We respect the intellectual property rights of others and carefully monitor industry developments to ensure full compliance and are, therefore, confident we do not infringe any valid patents.’

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