DuPont Introduces Ionomer-Based Thin-Film PV Encapsulant Materials


DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions has introduced the DuPont PV5400 series thin ionomer-based encapsulant sheets designed to protect sensitive thin-film solar modules. The encapsulants are available in roll form for easy handling and fast laminating, the company says.

Because the new ionomer-based encapsulants are fundamentally resistant to moisture intrusion, they can achieve lasting edge integrity without caulking or additional edge sealing. According to the company, the added moisture resistance of assembled modules is expected to result in longer service life – or greater clean energy production – from each thin-film module installation, accompanying the potential for lower manufacturing costs.

Compared with traditional photovoltaic encapsulants such as ethylene-vinyl acetate and polyvinyl butyral, the encapsulants have up to 100 times more electrical resistivity, DuPont adds. This added resistivity offers modules improved electrical insulation, which minimizes current leakage.

SOURCE: DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions

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