DuPont Predicts Continued Revenue Growth In Global PV Market


DuPont says it expects to nearly triple its annual photovoltaic sales to more than $1 billion in 2012 based on strong fundamentals for long-term revenue growth in the photovoltaic solar energy market, combined with the company's ability to deliver new technologies to the industry.

‘Through investments in materials, technology development and manufacturing, DuPont is accelerating its ability to deliver innovations that will improve the lifetime and efficiency of photovoltaic modules,’ stated David B. Miller, group vice president of DuPont Electronic and Communication Technologies, at the recent Jefferies 7th Global Clean Technology Conference. ‘Photovoltaic technology is in its infancy, and the opportunities in this market are extensive.

‘DuPont is uniquely positioned to bring new, advanced technologies for future growth in traditional crystalline silicon and emerging thin-film photovoltaic segments,’ he continued. ‘We also are investing in greater production capability to help keep pace with the fast rising global demand.’

DuPont anticipates that the photovoltaic market will grow by double digits over the next several years, driving demand for existing and new materials that are more cost-effective. The market size today is about $30 billion, and according to industry estimates, will increase to $70 billion by 2013.


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