DuPont Releases Solamet PV51G Solar Metallization Paste


DuPont Microcircuit Materials has launched Solamet PV51G, a new back-side silver material for solar cells. According to the company, the metallization paste decreases dependence on silver metals by reducing overall material consumption in solar cells up to 25%, while providing better adhesion and maintaining desired efficiency performance of the cells.

The new paste is a highly conductive, solderable silver composition, developed to provide excellent adhesion when used in conjunction with back-side aluminum compositions, DuPont adds.

The paste can be co-fired with front-side (n-type) silver conductors such as DuPont Solamet PV15x, PV16x and PV17x, and with back-side (p-type) aluminum conductors such as DuPont Solamet PV3xx. Solamet PV51G is applied in a standard screen-print process.

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