DuPont Supplies Encapsulant For New Willard And Kelsey CdTe Solar Module


Willard and Kelsey (W&K) Solar Group has commercialized a new PV module – WK1-75 – using DuPont PV5400 Series encapsulant.

Designed for utility-scale projects, the new module incorporates a cadmium telluride (CdTe) thin-film power-generating layer that is given extra protection by the new, highly moisture-resistant DuPont PV5400 ionomer-based PV encapsulant, DuPont says.

To block moisture ingress at the edges of conventional modules, manufacturers often need to add an edge seal, increasing material and labor costs to help mitigate the inherent moisture susceptibility of traditional encapsulants. Using more moisture-resistant DuPont PV5400 Series encapsulant, with no edge seal, W&K modules are able to achieve durability well beyond what is required by current standards, according to DuPont.

The company worked closely with W&K to advise on ionomer sheet processing techniques and testing protocols for the new module.

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