DWS Acquires 147 MW Solar Portfolio from X-ELIO


DWS has reached an agreement with X-ELIO to acquire three Spain PV plants, located in the municipality of Medina de las Torres, Badajoz, allowing German retail and institutional investors to invest directly into the infrastructure projects. 

The projects, with a total of 147 MW in capacity, began operations last year. X-ELIO plans to remain in the Spain solar market with a remaining 14 GW portfolio in different stages of advancement.

“We are very pleased with three further investments for our European infrastructure strategy for German investors,” says DWS’ Peter Brodehser. 

“Investments both from institutional and from retail clients are needed to drive change and enable European transformation projects, particularly in the energy sector. Investors in our strategy can participate in infrastructure projects, supporting Europe’s energy transition ambitions as well as receiving a return on their investment. It is a pleasure for us to be able to walk part of this path together with the team at X-ELIO.”

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