EarthSure Develops Subterranean Solar Panel System


Woodbridge, N.J.-based EarthSure has introduced Subterranean Solar (SubSolar), a new system that uses subterranean solar panels to generate power.

A compact optical device is installed upon a rooftop or other sunlight-catching environment, the company explains. This optical device captures and magnifies the sun's rays and transfers the sunlight from its linear or cylindrical lenses though fiber-optic lines, leading down into an underground storage of solar panel modules.

The subterranean solar panels are buried approximately three to four feet underground and are encased in cylindrical tubes or in a semi-hermetically sealed box (or boxes made out of PVC that are in a vacuum-chamber atmosphere) that will utilize the ultimate light absorption in the box light vacuum chamber that encapsulates the solar panel modules.

Other than the compact optical device, the solar system is practically invisible, according to EarthSure, and remains protected from weather and contamination.

EarthSure: (908) 642-3029

SOURCE: EarthSure
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