EBSCO Self-Finances New Solar Installation


EBSCO Publishing, a research database aggregator, has installed a 192-solar panel photovoltaic (PV) array on the roof of its headquarters in Ipswich, Mass. The company estimates the new installation will generate approximately 41,300 kWh of clean energy annually, or the equivalent 37,170 pounds of CO2 emissions.

EBSCO's installation was self-funded, as the company did not qualify for incentives or grants from the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative. ‘EBSCO has demonstrated genuine social and corporate leadership by choosing to invest in green energy despite being ineligible for the generous grants offered to customers of public utilities in Massachusetts,’ says Dan Leary, president of NexGen Energy Solutions of North Andover, Mass., who provided the turnkey integration of the system.

The PV modules used for the installation were designed and manufactured in Marlborough, Mass., by Evergreen Solar. The inverters were designed and manufactured in Lawrence, Mass., by Solectria Renewables.

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