ECD, MP2 Capital Developing Rooftop Projects In Ontario


Energy Conversion Devices Inc. (ECD) and MP2 Capital LLC plan to collaborate on the development of a portfolio of rooftop solar installations in Ontario, Canada.

ECD and MP2 Capital will partner with Rumble Energy, an Ontario-based renewable energy developer, to install a series of rooftop solar projects throughout Ontario under the province's new feed-in-tariff program. By also partnering with other Ontario-based suppliers and contractors, the projects will meet the local content requirements set forth by the Ontario Power Authority, the companies note.

ECD and MP2 Capital expect to complete construction of approximately 10 MW of projects by October 2010. ECD, through its wholly owned subsidiary, United Solar Ovonic, will provide UNI-SOLAR brand photovoltaic laminates for the projects. MP2 Capital will lead the financing and development efforts for the projects.

SOURCE: Energy Conversion Devices Inc.

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