Ecoppia Cleaning Systems Selected For Five Desert PV Projects In Israel


Israel-based Ecoppia is deploying five of its E4 robotic solar panel cleaning systems at five photovoltaic plants in the Arava and Negev deserts.

Upon the completion of the projects in early 2015, Ecoppia says its technology will be used to clean more than five million panels every month, deployed across more than 40 MW of installations. The solar plants are owned by Arava Power Co.

The E4 systems employ a water-free process using soft microfibers and controlled airflow to remove dust from the panels. The robotic units are self-charging and self-cleaning.

‘Based on stellar results recorded from our Ketura Sun 5 MW project, where Ecoppia technology has been cleaning the site daily since January – and showing increased production as expected – we made the decision to deploy Ecoppia technology on five additional sites,’ says Jon Cohen, CEO of Arava Power Co.

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