Ecoppia Links With Weather Channel For PV Panel-Cleaning Forecasts


Israel-based Ecoppia has launched a new control system for its E4 robotic photovoltaic panel-cleaning system that integrates data from The Weather Channel into its forecasting functions.

With the integration of real-time and forecasted information on precipitation, cloudiness and air quality, Ecoppia says the E4 control system provides a comprehensive view of local conditions that help site managers make better-informed decisions on cleaning schedules. Because the data is built into E4's master control, the system can automatically retract any cleaning robots in the field during severe weather events.

Customers also have the option to receive severe weather alerts via text messaging, along with scheduling recommendations.

‘Our team performed various tests with the top weather information providers in the world and incorporated the intelligence that will best support our customers and enhance the value of our E4 solution,’ says Eran Meller, CEO of Ecoppia.

Ecoppia's E4 robotic cleaning systems were recently selected for five PV projects in Israel's Arava and Negev deserts.

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