EDF’s PowerFlex Subsidiary Meshes Full Complement of Advanced Energy Options


EDF Renewables North America says its PowerFlex subsidiary has expanded its offerings to provide customers with a complete product suite that now includes onsite solar, in addition to its existing offerings of battery storage, electric vehicle charging, microgrids and energy management systems.

To enable this expansion, EnterSolar, another EDF Renewables subsidiary, will use the PowerFlex brand and bring its 15-year track record of providing behind-the-meter solar solutions for corporate clients.

By consolidating the full suite of C&I energy solutions under one roof, PowerFlex allows customers to purchase a standalone product or bundled package that saves energy costs while reducing their carbon footprint, the company says. Thanks to its proprietary software, PowerFlex can provide customer-focused onsite renewable infrastructure that expands and grows with a client’s needs over time.

PowerFlex now has a combined track record that includes 400+ MW of commercial solar installed; 40+ MWh of onsite storage in operation, construction or contracted; more than 6,000 smart EV charging stations installed; and several microgrids contracted for installation this year. Products include an integrated energy management system (EMS) that utilizes real-time data to make decisions to optimize energy savings.

“We laid out our vision for integrated distributed energy in 2015, when EDF Renewables started to expand into distributed solar,” says Raphael Declercq, executive vice president, EDF Renewables Distributed Solutions. “Our offerings were broadened to commercial and industrial customers with the acquisition of EnterSolar, and now we are uniquely positioned to offer our customers a one-stop-shop solution for all their onsite clean energy needs.”

PowerFlex notes that it intends to handle the full project life cycle, from system design and engineering to project financing and post-installation asset management.

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