EDP Renewables Completes 39 Distributed Generation Projects with Walmart


EDPR NA Distributed Generation LLC (EDPR NA DG), the distributed business unit of EDP Renewables, is nearing completion of the 39th distributed solar project with Walmart from a portfolio of projects that commenced in 2020.

The long-standing relationship has resulted in a total of 51 distributed energy projects installed to date by EDPR NA DG for Walmart across seven states, including Arizona, California, Illinois, New Jersey, Louisiana, Maryland and South Carolina.

The projects, ranging from rooftop to ground-mount projects, generate a total of 38.3 MW of energy, which is equivalent to an annual offset of 27.1 metric tons of carbon dioxide or 9.2 tons of waste recycled instead of landfilled, according to the U.S. EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator.

EDPR worked with Walmart to support its commitment to pollinator-friendly solar by building a ground mount solar array at its Laurens, S.C. distribution center, featuring pollinator mixes that restore regional biodiversity. This effort aims to reduce several pollinator threats through the promotion of integrated pest management practices and improving and expanding pollinator habitats.

“We greatly value our relationship with Walmart and have been pleased to assist in the financing, developing, and constructing of these projects,” states Richard Dovere, EDPR NA DG’s chief investment officer. “We approached each site with a commitment to safety, while strategically ensuring that we would achieve Walmart’s overall financial, environmental and sustainability goals.”

“We’re pleased to collaborate with EDP Renewables on the installation of these onsite solar projects that drive local environmental benefits, support the local economy and demonstrate our commitment to environmental stewardship in the communities we serve across the U.S.,” notes Zach Freeze, senior director for sustainability at Walmart.

“Combined with our utility-scale efforts, these projects continue to advance our achievement of becoming a regenerative company powered by 100 percent renewable energy by 2035 and achieving zero emissions across our operations by 2040,” Freeze adds.

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